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Frequently Asked Questions

If our fund goes to our demat account how does it get invested?

Algorithms written by financial experts helps you make the best mutual fund investment decisions to get the most out of your investment.

How safe it is to park funds in SafeInvest ?

Very safe, because these funds invests in Overnight call money/commercial paper or do arbitrage in markets. So, there is hardly any risk to Principle.

What is the percentage of risk element here in SafeInvest ?

Hardly any - means till date none of the liquid or Arbitrage funds have given any negative returns.

You have mentioned 6% to 8% of returns in SafeInvest, Is this for annual basis?

Yes this is per annum.

How does FundFinder make money?

We get distribution fees from the fund management fees earned by Mutual funds for managing these funds.

How different is Flexi invests when compared to Robo invest and safe invest and how can I access?

In FlexiInvest Service, Basically you are deciding the funds to invest. In this case, we are just facilitating you by giving you paperless access to invest and redemption of your fund, making your life easier. The registration process is same. Please fill the detailed registration details already sent to you and we shall do the needful.

You will do investments on our behalf or will you only give assistance where to invest?

You will get the links to invest in Reputed Mutual Funds selected by us.

In SafeInvest, Can I withdraw profit on monthly basis or it would be for longer Duration ?

You can withdraw any time, But withdrawal from Liquid funds will be tax free where as withdrawal from Arbitrage Funds will be tax free only after 1 year (so invest in SafeInvest - Liquid for less than 1 year) and SafeInvest-Arbitrage for more than 1 year).

All these services are free as you have mentioned. Would there be any sort of charges going forward?

No, these services are free for life.

Suppose if I'm expecting to withdraw SafeInvests profits monthly, how much can i expect?

6% to 8% per annum means / 12 = 0.5 % to 0.6 % per month.

How does RoboInvest work and how can I access this?

Robo Invests targets 14%+ pa returns through investing in Top Rated Large Cap Equity funds and uses Algorithm to move funds from safe-invest type funds to Equity Funds. Equity Funds are subject to market risk. Algorithm is designed to take out funds when it sees serious risk to markets reversing. To access this, the registration process is common for all services. So, once you register, we shall give you options. Here you can invest either using SIP (Which is instalment per month ) or Lumpsum in Safe invest and then SIP to RoboInvest will happen if you have signed up for the same.